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solar air -conditioning

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I have built and tested my home made solar air conditioner and it has been working well for the last 7 years.I built this unit as i could not find anything on the market that was suitable for low power use on a limited solar power.I experimented with different types of coolers and came up with this which is based on natural cooling principles and thermodynamics.

It uses an air to air heat exchanger as well as an evaporative cycle to cool  air to temperatures down to 12 or more degrees below ambient air temperature using very low power. Air that has been cooled does not contain any extra water  content  like other evaporative or swamp type coolers. It will also cool the air  even in higher humidity up to 80 percent humidity with the way the evaporator section  is designed. It can be built with easily to obtain materials or recycled materials .

I have plans drawn up now that i will be  selling to those who would like a cooler for their homes  that can run from solar power or for those wanting a low powered alternative to an air conditioner and do not want the moisture associated with a swamp type cooler.I will be offering two versions  the old design with the large fans and cowls and an improved version using lower power computer fans and ducting for air recirculation.




old version views

This unit can cool approximately 30 to  60 litres a second of ambient air (depending on which fans are used )to temperatures of approximately 12 degrees Celsius  or more below ambient air temp.

General Inquiries can now be sent via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Once we are organised to start sending the plans Customers will have to read - sign and return  a non disclosure agreement and we will send account details for payment  once payment is received  a copy of the plans will be sent to the address you provide us. Each set of plans sent will have an embedded  code unique to the purchaser.


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